About Glenrose

Glenrose Gardens is a vibrant working-class neighborhood with 238 townhomes and several agricultural spaces spread across 20 acres on the south side of Atlanta. More than a collection of houses, Glenrose is a community full of activity, fresh food and meaningful relationships. In addition to offering clean, safe and affordable housing, Glenrose offers a place to learn, grow and reflect, together.

We’re re-imagining a pre-existing neighborhood built in the 1960’s to pursue a mission of social justice and holistic well-being, expanding the possibilities of urban community life.

Our History & Vision

Glenrose was originally built in 1969 as a member-owned cooperative called Brandywine Townhouses. In the early 2000’s a wave of infrastructure and managerial challenges ultimately led the cooperative Board to file for bankruptcy. It is in this context, on the verge of total loss, that Brandywine’s leadership contacted, Saleem & Co., a socially inspired real estate firm owned by Ihsan I. Saleem, to step in.

Our vision is to build a vibrant neighborhood in Glenrose Heights that serves as a springboard for the holistic development of our community: empowering us all to live happier, wiser, healthier, wealthier and more purpose driven lives.